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An inspirational novel set in ancient Rome with visions of our modern world.
An inspirational novel set in ancient Rome with visions of our modern world.

Portia’s Revelation by Rich Tenaglia makes you stop and wonder. As a young Anthropology grad student, Max Garrett unearths a box of ancient papyrus papers on a dig in Rome. Faded, fragile and unreadable, the find seems to be nothing, but ultimately turns into the discovery of a lifetime. The papyri contain the visions of a young Roman girl named Portia. Portia suffers a head injury, causing her to have visions while sleeping. After sharing her first vision, her brother thinks she is crazy. Her mother believes she is demonized. Her father hopes that she will heal in time, and her little sister becomes her loyal companion. Hurt and dismayed, Portia begins to write her visions on scraps of papyrus. Her visions are journeys into the world of the future. When Max begins to decipher Portia’s words, he is astonished. This cannot be real! Max’s life mission is to prove the ancient manuscripts are a hoax. Portia’s revelation profoundly alters the course of Max’s life.

Portia’s Revelation, penetrates into the recesses of your soul, awakening the spirit within you. The narrative takes you into ancient Rome, allowing you to experience the world of its young heroine. Through her visionary journeys, you get a keen understanding of what our contemporary world would be like from an antiquated point of view. The descriptions of the future are witty and comical at times. I found myself giggling and sighing at the perplexity of seeing the future. The omniscience of Spiritae’s character molds and shapes the young protagonist, causing her character to develop through the futuristic journeys. The narrative is full of moral lessons, allowing for “selah” (stop and think about it) moments. Certainly, this book leaves you with a sense of wonder.

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